I’m June Morrow: a writer, speaker and facilitator with a passion for helping people experience more joy, energy and connection in their lives.

By day, I work for the Ontario government where I:

  • write articles about topics like work-life balance, career management and interpersonal communication
  • produce videos that publicize and promote government programs and
  • facilitate training that helps staff at all levels be more energized, engaged, and passionate about their work

By night, I deliver inspiration and motivation by:

  • designing and delivering workshops for single men and women to help them make braver choices in their relationships with others and with themselves
  • coaching a small group of remarkable people dedicated to changing their lives
  • blogging about my dating life and testing out the advice of the experts
  • telling true-life tales of personal transformation at public speaking events around Toronto

Some nice things people have said about me:

“You rocked! That was the best workshop in the Ontario Public Service I’ve ever attended. Thank you so much for doing it.”
– Myrica Gration, Ministry of Education

“Wow, June! What a wonderful article. Your limitless energy and keen understanding of how to present a story are really inspiring.”
– Mike Donison, Treasury Board Secretariat

“I have become so much more confidence with your help and guidance. Thank you for doing what you do.”
– Olive Mercy, Ministry of the Attorney General

It’s been quite the journey…

I am also currently working on a book called Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer based on the insights about sex, love and attraction I gained by dating over 100 men, marrying two of them, and getting naked for thousands more in the six years I worked as an exotic dancer.

Want to know more?

Check out my LinkedIn profile or visit my dating blog at TheChangeRoom.ca.

Want to share ideas about personal growth, internal communications, employee engagement, leadership, story-telling, gender intelligence, personal transformation, facilitation or dating? Contact me.