Communicate like a rock star

Craft and deliver clear, concise and powerful messages.

Communicate like a rock star

In today’s hyper-connected world, the impact of poor communication skills can be devastating to your organization, to your relationships, and to your career.

In this customizable, interactive workshop, participants learn and practice how to overcome barriers to communication and develop print, online and in-person messages that get results. 

Understand your audience (even when you don’t know them)

  • the two things that motivate all audiences to pay attention to absolutely anything
  • four communication styles and how to communicate with people who have a different style than your own
  • the most powerful communication tool you can have and how to use it

Craft clear, compelling messages in writing and online (even when you don’t think you are good writer)

  • the secret to successfully sharing even the most complex of ideas
  • sour easy-to-implement clear writing tips that anyone can use
  • how to harness the power of story-telling to craft communications that stick
  • secrets from Buzzfeed you can use in business communications

Build better interpersonal connections (even when you are introverted)

  • three steps to create a memorable connection with absolutely anyone (even when there is nothing in common)
  • why your listening skills could use a tune-up and seven ways to make them better
  • how to keep a conversation going and the five goals of any conversation
  • How to deliver unpleasant news

Present with power (even when you are bundle of nerves)

  • why you are likely approaching your presentations all wrong and what to do about it
  • secrets of star performers to overcome your nerves
  • three easy tricks to keep your audience engaged from the start
  • four ways to make your slides work with you rather than against you

Available as a full-day workshop or by sections in 1.5 hour increments.

What previous participants have said:

“June, the session was an absolute success! I am so happy you agreed to present at our managers retreat. All the communication concerns that our organizing team expressed ‎, you included and addressed so eloquently. Four personality categories, six points for bad news delivery, written communication tips:  they all resonated with  the team and were 100 percent relevant to the work of audit! Thank you for the excellent presentation!”
–  Olga Lenskaia, Ontario Internal Audit Division

“After witnessed a car accident and being stuck in a crowded subway train later that morning, all I wanted was to sneak into the training room and become invisible for the day. Then I saw you, an energetic young woman, passionately telling us a story about how to become a good story teller. It was the best presentation I have ever had. Every slide spoke to me! Thank you, June, for doing this.”
– Diana Dai, Ministry of Education

“June is a smart, lively and entertaining presenter. Her material was relevant, clear and well-structured. She knows her stuff and tailored it to meet the audience’s needs. She included some good audience participation elements and delivered a tonne of valuable insights and tips on how to do our jobs better. And, she’s funny as Hell.”
– Jim McElgunn, Ontario Government Cabinet Office

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