You’re a first-time entrepreneur with with a day job and burning desire to go full-time as a coach, personal consultant, teacher or trainer.

You know your practice but not how to

Find Clients Despite a Tiny Mailing list

A free 25-minute masterclass with a fillable workbook for new coaches, personal consultants, and other service-providers with day jobs. You’ll learn:


Stop thinking about your business and start doing it!

I help first-time service-based entrepreneurs build purpose-driven side-hustles and scale them to full-time. 



services - fulfill your calling

If you’re attracting the wrong clients, a mixed bag of clients or no clients, this day is for you. Get clear on exactly who you want to help, how to describe what you do in a way that makes your ideal client say “that’s me” and how to message them in a way that speaks to their hearts and minds.


services - find your calling

Overwhelmed with all the things you need to do? Having trouble staying consistent in your efforts? In a Planning & Productivity Day we build out a strategy to fix that so you aren’t doing all the things: just the things that matter in the time that you have. Go from frazzled to focused in six hours.


services- scale your side hustle

Get your first clients, overcome impostor syndrome, plan your day-job exit strategy, and build your practice like a pro. Join this six-month program to get the clarity, time and energy management systems, business fundamentals and accountability you need.

What People are Saying


I had been wanting to start a side-hustle for a long time and did little things here and there, but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible. The combination of videos, individual work, accountability, and coaching calls helped me to understand the foundations of building a business in a clear and accessible way. More importantly, June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a product, I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do. This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment. Then the magic started and I sold my first course! 

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta


Equity and leadership coach

You don’t need to quit your job to make money doing what you love.

But you do need to take action. 

Stop floundering in a job that isn’t you and start building a practice that will allow you to flourish. 

If you’re looking for:  

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