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An idea that makes your heart race. An idea that would be so much fun. An idea that might even make the world a better place.

But you’re stuck.

Stuck in indecision. What if this idea is the wrong one? It’s not like you have a shortage of ideas. Hey, what’s that shiny thing over there?

Stuck in overwhelm. You’re just one person with an unrelated full-time job. How will you ever find the time, energy and other resources to do it? Where do you even start?

Stuck in self-doubt. What if you suck at it? What if you fail?
What would people think?


Get the clarity, courage, conviction, and connections you need to bring that big idea to life.

I help nine-to-fivers with big creative visions but little free time and experience get their ideas out of their heads and into the world where they can make the difference they’re meant to.

Have you ever met someone who ignites your spirit, your passion, your goals or your dreams? 

I have and her name is June Morrow. June was the catalyst I needed to keep moving forward on a project I wanted to launch. When I met her, I knew immediately she was the one – the coach I needed to keep me accountable, focused and to guide me to the necessary steps to make this project a reality despite the challenges that I encountered.

For the 12 weeks that we met, I overcame hurdles and achieved many successes great and small. But, what I loved most about June’s coaching is that she was able to give me hope and joy even for the small steps. She reminded me that I should always celebrate every action that I took that moved me closer to my goal(s) and this pushed me to work harder on my “to do” list.

June’s ability to probe and ask the right questions empowered me to devise plans and strategies that made my project tangible.  If you’re looking for a coach who will support you and bring the perspective you need to move forward on a dream, a goal or a plan, June Morrow is the person for you!

Carolyn Morris-Walker
podcaster, promoter of Blacknificence, project manager

Take the first step to clearing the obstacles in your way.

Stuck? Uncertain? Overwhelmed? 
Book a complimentary 30-minute kickstart session.

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