Build your know, like & trust factor to stand above the crowd.

You change lives for the better.

You’re a service-based business or a mission-driven organization.

You believe deeply in the value of what you do but aren’t sure how to spread the word.

I connect you to audiences with custom communication strategies, content plans, website copy, bios, and storytelling.

Compelling messaging starts with clarity.

Kent Dinning

Working with June was spectacular! Before we met, I was having a hard time articulating what I do so that I could sell it.  She helped me map out my offer and get clear on my messaging such that I earned $6,000 in two weeks and am on track for a $10,000 month.

If you need help articulating your service, I can’t recommend June enough!

Kent Dinning


Belief Strategist

People support people they know, like and trust.

Think about your friends.

You share your hopes and dreams with your friends. You aren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable with them. And, when push comes to shove, your friends are there for you.

Friends know, like, and trust you.

In a world of abundant options, friends buy from and support their friends.

You make friends with consistent, open, personal communication over time. 

This is where I come in.

I believe in authentic expression over manipulation, relationships over transactions, and acting with integrity over following the herd.

I have over 20 years of professional communications experience, including strategic planning, writing, copy editing, web design, social media management, video production, employee engagement, and corporate communications. 

I’ve created thousands of pieces of content, helped a website reach 1 million page views in a year and had my own story viewed over 20,000 times on Facebook. 

As a natural-born editor, it’s easy for me to spot themes in information and assess what’s relevant to audiences. 

As a natural-born cheerleader, I love championing my clients and contributing to their mission. 

If I believe in you, I can help others believe in you too (and I only work with clients I believe in). 

june morrow 600x600

What makes you unique makes you marketable.

At the heart of every business or organization is a mission.

I get to know yours and help you articulate it to ensure that every piece of content shared aligns with your why.

Next, I get to know your people:

  • The people guided by your mission
  • The people served by your mission
  • The people aligned with your mission

Based on this knowledge, I create communication strategies that speak to the hearts of your intended audience with content that builds trust, relationships and, ultimately, clients.

Consulting Services

Clients & Clarity VIP Day

Lay the foundation for all your communications in one day.

The first step to effective communication is knowing exactly who you’re talking to. 

You’ll leave with a clear description of your target market; a concise list of the problems you solve coupled with the outcomes people get from working with you; your key differentiating messages; and a unique value proposition that attracts your ideal clients.  

Magnetic Messaging VIP Day

Have a launch coming up? Not sure how to describe your offer? Trouble staying consistent?

Align your content to your goals, organize your ideas, and craft a communications plan that connects with your target audience without appearing pushy. 

You leave with a three-month content calendar, your core message, content pillars, and a template for written or video-based posts for newsletters, blogs, and social media that build trust in your expertise. 

Courtney Mcleod

With the launch of a program coming up, I overwhelmed with how to go about reaching my ideal clients and what to say to them. I knew that I needed to be more consistent with building my email list and posting content my audience will care about.

June was fantastic to work with. She helped me get clear on a strategy to reach the right people and what to say without sounding pushy or salesy. I now have a clear easy- to-execute plan that is in line with me and my values. I highly recommend working with June so that she can work her magic on your business.

Courtney McLeod


Life Coach

Writing Services

Website Copywriting

Connect with your ideal audience with web pages that reflect the worth of your work. 

Blog & Email Writing

Convert audiences into fans for your brand with clear, compelling, consistent content.

Bio & Brand Story Writing

Discover your differentiator and build bridges with your bio and brand story.   

Kerry Kott

I was blown away by how well June got me. 

Her copy was perfect! It speaks directly to the reader and captures the essence of what I do beautifully. It’s such a relief to not have to do this myself. It’s made a huge impact.

Connect with your audience