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You're a new or pivoting life coach, spiritual consultant or another service-based transformational entrepreneur. You feel called to help people change their lives and know your practice but not how to:
Kent Dinning
Working with June was spectacular! Before we met, I was having a hard time articulating my offer so that I could sell it.  She helped me map out my offer and get clear on my messaging such that I earned $6,000 in two weeks and am on track for a $10,000 month. If you need help articulating your offering, I can’t recommend June enough!

Kent Dinning


Belief Strategist

Get the 5Cs you need to launch a profitable, pupose-driven business

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Find Clients Despite a Tiny Mailing list

A free  masterclass with a fillable workbook for new coaches, personal consultants, and other service-providers. You’ll learn:


Filled with doubt?
Don't know where to start?

Been there. Done that. Found a better way.

I’m a business consultant, copywriter, and New Thought minister-in-training who helps life coaches, lightworkers, and other personal development entrepreneurs believe in themselves, tell their stories, structure their programs, and create content that attracts and elevates their ideal clients.


The Runway Program for New Coaches

New to your business? Not attracting the right clients or any clients at all? Wondering how this making money as a coach thing actually works?

From market research to money mindset and social media to sales, we’ve got you covered with the confidence, clarity, communication, and consistency you need to attract and delight more paying clients.

Communications & Copywriting for
Service-based Small Businesses

Do your words reflect your work and your worth? 

If not, you’re likely losing valuable leads. 

Get clear copy that connects with your ideal client and compels them to connect with you. 

Tell your story with a website makeover, fresh bio, social media strategy, sales pages and more. 


Clarity in a Day Experiences

Magnetic Messaging VIP Session

Have a launch coming up? Not sure how to describe your offer? Trouble staying consistent?

In a Magnetic Messaging session, we align your content to your goals, organize your information, craft promotional content that connects without being salesy, and lay down the words to attract your ideal client to invest in you!

Mindset Reset
VIP Session

Stuck in self-doubt? Terrified of being rejected? Wonder why anyone would want to buy from you? 

When you believe in yourself others do too.

Take half a day to uncover and slay the subconscious beliefs holding you back; discover and appreciate your qualifications; and take your business to the next level. 

Planning & Productivity

Overwhelmed with all the things you need to do? Trouble staying consistent?

Go from frazzled to focused in six hours with a strategy that doesn’t require you to do all the things – just the things that matter in the time you have. 


I had been wanting to start a side-hustle for a long time and did little things here and there, but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible. The combination of videos, individual work, accountability, and coaching calls helped me to understand the foundations of building a business in a clear and accessible way. More importantly, June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a product, I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do. This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment. Then the magic started and I sold my first course! 

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta


Equity and leadership coach

You don’t need to quit your day job to start a business that reflects you

But you do need to take action. 

Stop floundering in a job that isn’t you and start building a practice that will allow you to flourish. 

If you’re looking for:  

Let's talk.

Clarity, Confidence, Communication & a Touch of Divine Connection for Transformational Entrepreneurs