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2 Magic Words to Get Out of Your Head and into Action

“Is this the right direction for me?”

As a callings coach, I hear this question more than any other.

Taking a step can be terrifying, especially when the stakes seem high.

I get it.

Three years ago, I was working a full-time, unionized job in government. I had a pension, benefits, seniority, and a great salary.

But I was miserable.

So, I explored my options: find a similar job in the private sector, become a corporate trainer, find a different job in government, or go out on my own and become a full-time coach.

Each had pluses and minuses.

Working for myself was by far the riskiest:  it was also the direction that felt the most expansive.

How did I decide to go for it rather than something financially safer?

Two little words: for now.

I told myself I could do coaching for now and if I found that it wasn’t for me or I couldn’t support myself with it, I could do something else.

Three years later, I haven’t regretted this decision one bit.

If you’re on the cusp of doing something that excites you but are holding back because of the stakes, lower those stakes.

Allow yourself to do it for now.

You never know where that might take you tomorrow.

When pursuing your calling, clarity is the first step.

Congruency, courage, connections, and consistency are the next.

If you are struggling with any of these 5Cs, connect with me for a complimentary 30-minute kickstart session.

You got this,


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