Shift happens

Shift happens.

Once every 20 years or so, it seems.

Our last major shift was 9/11. Before that, there was the social upheaval of the late 60s and early 70s. Before that: World War II.

These disruptions are a wake-up call to lay down divisions, put aside distractions and focus on what’s important.

This will differ for each of us.

For some, it’s family or friends. For some, it’s creating more space for solitude. For others, it’s creativity, or the environment, or helping others.

This is a time of fear, yes. 

And it’s also a time of connection, innovation, authentic expression and slowing down to hear what’s been knocking on your door all along.

In short, this is a time to face yourself.

Last week, I opened my own door and said yes to a video series I’ve been thinking of for years.

In the Sunday Morning After Show, I share a synopsis of a powerful universal lesson I gleaned from a spiritual service that week. (Consider it “church” in under 10 minutes without all the boring parts.)

Watch this first one to learn:

  • What it really means to be re-Source-full right now
  • Why we feel good when we do good things for other people
  • Your spiritual assignment during this time

I want to help you find and shine your light, now and always.

If you are feeling called to helped others but don’t know how, need spiritual or business support, or could use some guidance to sort out your next direction, I am offering pay-what-you-can 60-minute coaching sessions from now until April 5. Book yours here.

We are humans. We survive.

We got this!

Love and light,


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