What secret desire are you hiding?

I’m embarrassed to admit this but, over the past two years, despite helping other people get clear on their callings, I haven’t been fully following my own. 

About two years ago, during meditation sessions, I started receiving messages… strong messages… weird messages….to start a church.

My immediate thoughts were WTF?

I grew up in a pragmatic non-religious family. My father was an atheist who dismissed religion as hypocrisy. Spirituality wasn’t ever taken seriously when I was a child.

As an adult, until recently, my social circles shunned religion as something ignorant people did – something to be ridiculed and blamed for many injustices in this world, certainly something people didn’t talk about in public.

Despite all of this, in my mid-30s I started attending progressive (read LGBTQ-friendly) spiritual services alone. Without fail, they uplifted me. Secretly, I wanted to be the one giving the sermon but couldn’t see how to do that without years and years of study. Not only that, none of these places felt quite like home to me.  

And then I got this calling: start a church.

And so, for the past two years, I’d been toying with being a spiritual leader and teacher. Putting it out there and then doubting myself and retreating.

What if people mistook me for a fundamentalist? What if I was shunned by everyone I knew as a flake? What if I drove people away?

Coming out of the spiritual closet terrified me.

I’d like to say COVID-19 changed that, but it didn’t. It was two prompts in some training I was writing for The Runway Program – prompts I’d done a thousand times:

“If you could make any change in this world, what would it be?”


“If you could do anything where you knew you could not fail, what would you do?”

My answers? I would tell people God loves them unconditionally. And I would start a trans-denominational church that welcomes everybody. And then I asked myself:

Why aren’t you?

Why are you circling the wagon and not going directly for what you feel called to do?

The only excuse I had was fear.

And because fear is no longer an excuse I accept from my clients, it is no longer an excuse I can use on my own.

So, I’ve started that church with what I have here and now in my Facebook group, The Wayfinders Club, and on my YouTube channel.

The word church comes from a Greek word meaning an assembly or the called-out ones. 

It’s not a place but a group of people. And that’s what The Wayfinders Club is: a community of spiritual change-seekers and change-makers, listening for and following their callings.

If you aren’t already a member, you can join here

I have a purpose and I know deep in my heart that you do too.

Embracing your purpose and saying “Hell yah! I’m going for it!” can be terrifying, especially when it represents something different from what you know (and you are faced with survival questions such as “How will I make money?”).

But, I also know, deep in my heart, where there is willingness, there is a way.

Because nothing is better than finding your way home to the person you are meant to be:

The person you’ve been all along.

peace & blessings, 


If you think you may have a spiritual calling but worry about coming out of the spiritual closet, I’d love to chat. I am currently doing free coaching sessions in exchange for a short interview. Book yours here.

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