Which path do you take?

You are at the entrance to a labyrinth. Your goal is to get to the center. 

There are two paths ahead of you. One is a maze of twists and turns. The other is a straight line.

If you take the maze, it will take longer and there will be more challenges, but you will also receive profound insights.

If you take the direct route, you will reach your goal faster, but miss the adventure.

Which path do you take?

Last week, I walked the labyrinth pictured above.

I took the long way only to notice the short way after completion.

I had to laugh.

The answer wasn’t in the action. It was in noticing that what I had been searching for had been right in front of me all along.

I believe your calling is like this as well.

It beacons you to a journey, but the purpose of that journey isn’t to get the thing you are after.

It’s to notice that the thing you seek – security, love, joy, creativity, calm, connection, compassion, authenticity, whatever – had been in you all along.

The destination isn’t the goal.

The destination is you.

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