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3 types of bios all entrepreneurs need today

Like your headshot, your bio is an essential part of your marketing. 

But, given the multiple channels you use to promote your services – social media, websites, podcasts, opt-in content, joint ventures, networking, and more – one bio no longer cuts it. 

Instead, you need three.

1. A Longform Bio

This is the brand or personal story that goes on your website about page and can also be used for:

  • your LinkedIn summary
  • additional information on your Facebook business page
  • longer opt-in content such as a free e-book

2. A Boilerplate Bio

This is the one-paragraph description of your business you use for:

  • your Facebook business page description
  • your intro to your LinkedIn summary
  • workshop, podcast, and public speaking introductions
  • guest blog bios
  • shorter-form opt-in content

3. A Single Sentence Bio

This is a short summary of who you are and the value you provide that you use for:

  • your business description on Instagram and Twitter
  • your Facebook personal profile 
  • in-person networking introductions

How do you write all of these?

Like all your marketing, start by thinking about your ideal clients and who you want to connect with. What would be most interesting to them? Then, either write a long-form bio and whittle it down to the shortest possible statement of the value you provide; or start short and then extrapolate.

Writing each type of bio upfront will save you from having to craft them under a time crunch later on.

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