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3 ways to bust through impostor syndrome

I often feel guilty going through airport security even though I have nothing to hide.

Case in point:

Last week at the Jacksonville Airport in Florida, I was so nervous, I almost went through the full-body scanner without putting my luggage on the conveyor belt.

Noticing my fidgetiness, a security guard inspected my luggage.

Sure enough, everything was in order and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Waiting for my flight, it struck me how much this parallels what many of us go through when building a business.

We feel afraid of being found out… even though we have nothing to hide.

Whether it’s your first newsletter, your first client, or your first time reaching out to someone you admire,  imposter syndrome is normal.

As marketing guru Seth Godin says:

“If you don’t feel like an imposter, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

Still, the feelings of oh-crap-I-fudged-my-way-in-here-and-don’t-belong-and-now-they-are-going-to-find-out-and-I’ll-be-chased-out-of-the-town-square-with-pitchforks can throw you big-time.  

The next time, you feel like a fraud in your business do one of the following to get back on track.

1.  Reflect on everything that’s led you to where you are now:

If you need to unpack your own bags. Look at the decisions you made, the courses you took, the hours you’ve done it for free, your own personal transformation, even reading this post.  You are likely far more qualified than you give yourself credit for. Own it.

2. Focus on how you can help the person in front of you.

Get out of you head by getting into theirs. Ask questions, be compassionate, offer solutions. Remember: you are making their life better with your services.

3. Look at it as practice.

Because it is. Everything is practice. And the only person who needs to know that is you.

You got this,


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