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Want to help people change their lives but floundering on the business side?

Get the clarity, confidence & connections you need to attract more clients.


If you’re not attracting clients, you might be lacking one of the
three foundations to a financially-rewarding business:

Clarity. Confidence. Connection.

Imagine how good it would feel to...

Know what to say when you tell people what you do.

Have a repeatable way to consistently attract your dream clients.

Let go of imposter syndrome and believe in your worth. 

Stop stumbling through sales calls.

Transform your clients lives and your income.

3c program - success

The 3C Program


I sold my first course!


I had been wanting to start a side-hustle for a long time. I did little things here and there but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible. June Morrow’s program changed all of that.

June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a product – I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do. This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment.

Then the magic started! The Monday after our last weekend coaching call, I sold my first course!

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta


Equity & Leadership Coach


What makes the 3C program different from other programs?


In the first week, you get started with market research and build from there with real-life assignments each week so that at the end of 8 weeks you’ll be ready to sell a unique program and know exactly how to do that.  


You do the workbook exercises in class, where you can have your questions answered as they arise and get on-the-spot coaching, leaving your more time to do the assignment throughout the rest of your week. 


In programs where you are one of dozens, if not hundreds, of students, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. In The 3C program, I deliberately keep the class-size small, so each person gets the attention they need to shine!


We meet online every Saturday for eight weeks for group coaching plus a step-by-step class.

Topics include how to

Value $1400

You'll also receive

Worksheets & recordings for each session

Value $300

A follow-up private coaching session within six months

Value $275

The Master Your Mindset Mini-Course

Value $350
When you add that up it comes to  $2325



*Paid in full or $275 monthly for 3 months

You're not alone

Five years ago, I was a full-time government communications consultant with a passion for personal growth. I knew I wanted to inspire people to be the person they were born to be but was clueless about how to make money doing so.

So, I got certified as a coach and spent over $20,000 on programs to learn about the business side of things. Some of these were great. Many were way beyond my capacity as a new entrepeneur with a day job.

I was overwhelmed!

So, I did what I’ve always done: I broke it down, put the non-necessary aside, and looked at what was essential to start making money. And, in 2019, I left my job to work in my business full-time.

Today, I help new and pivoting coaches, facilitators and other service-based entrepreneurs with the clarity, confidence, consistency, and communication they need to find clients and fulfill their callings.

I believe that you are here for a reason, and when you share your gifts with others the world benefits. 

If you similarly feel called to help people transform their lives, it’s my honour to show you the way.   

Is the 3C Program a good fit for you?

This program is you if

This program is not for you if

If you’re floundering in your new business, know this:

It’s not your fault. 

I studied business in college, and it was nothing like what I learned building by coaching practice. No one showed you how to do this. Except, well…

Social media, where every day you’re likely barraged by a tsunami of ads promising consistent 10-figure months by downloading their freebie (and then buying their program).

I’ve downloaded them all! 

And what I found was many of them show things that work for established businesses but not in start-up phase.

One person says one thing and then another says something else. It’s all so confusing.

3C program overwhelm

Meanwhile, there are people out there who need your services.
There is money out there trying to find you.

You could stay stuck in overwhelm, limiting beliefs and inaction. 

Or you could get the clarity, confidence, and communication strategies you need to connect with those people and get on the road to a sustainable future in your dream career. 


Registration closes February 21, 2021



*Paid in full or $275 monthly for 3 months

Freqently Asked Questions

The Winter session starts February 27 and runs until April 17. The last day for registration is February 21.

It’s easy to get lost in a crowd. This program is intimate so, rather than hope you get picked in a massive group coaching session, I’ll be there answering your question in-person every step of the way.

That depends on where your money mindset is right now, what market you are targeting, and how clear you are on your target audience, the problem you solve for them, and how valuable this solution is to them. These are all things we cover in the program.

Yes. If you find after 14 days in the 3C program that you are not satisfied, I’ll refund your entire investment.

Clarity + Confidence + Connections = Clients

I'm so glad I asked June to help me!

Sarah Green

After working with her I now know who my ideal client is and what I truly wish to offer. She gave me the clarity and guidance needed to define my offerings and during our work together, I felt heard as well as helped.


I highly recommend her for any new entrepreneur looking for a coach who is extremely knowledgeable and at the same time friendly and understanding.

Spots in the 3C program are limited.
Apply now to save yours.

Registration closes February 21, 2021

How to apply to the 3C Program

I want to ensure this program is right for you. 

To apply, send a brief email to explaining why you want to join the 3C program. 

After receiving your application. I will contact you within 48 hours to set up a 20-minute interview and finalize your registration. 

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