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June Morrow peach dress circular

When Plan A doesn’t work

This Halloween I had the brilliant idea to go as The Devil with the Blue Dress 

(a song that apparently no one under 50 knows… but whatever.)

I had a blue dress. All I needed was a headband with devil’s horns and a tail. How hard could it be to find those?

Harder than finding toilet paper at the beginning of COVID, it turns out!

The drugstore, the Dollar Sore, even the pop-up costume store had all been ransacked of everything but the lamest of Halloween accessories (like big clownish bowties and headbands with the poo emoji on them – WTF?).

I even tried the adult novelty store thinking maybe I could find my headband with a sexy costume.

“Yes! We have devil’s horns,” said the friendly clerk. “In this package right here… it even comes with a devil’s tail attached to this butt plug for only $79.99.”

Hmmm… tempting but a wee bit over budget (and honestly, how often would I wear a butt plug with a devil’s tail attached?).

I moseyed up to Chinatown hoping that maybe one of the shops there would have something. Nope, nope and nope.

As my hopes sank, I mentally ransacked my closet for alternatives: 

Businesswoman! Work from home person! My Tinder picture!

Lame, lame, and lame.

Then, I remembered some leg warmers and a fluorescent t-shirt in a bin under my bed.

I could go as me at 14!

I was just warming up to this idea when I walked by a vintage store. “Why not?” I thought. “Maybe it will help with the 80s theme.”

And that’s when I saw them…

A set of devil’s horns on a headband… with a tail… and no butt plug!!! For only $10!!!

Ever notice when you let go of looking for something, it finds you?

There’s a reason for this. Attachment to an idea can be emotionally exhausting, especially when it doesn’t come to fruition right away.

And this exhaustion prevents us from being resourceful, creative, and seeing other possibilities.

If you’ve been pushing and pushing in one direction with your business and nothing is happening, it might be that you’re pushing too hard.

There’s more than one way to dress for Halloween and there’s more than one way to achieve your business goals.

If you’d like some fresh ideas for your marketing or content creation, book a call and we’ll chat.

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