A Spiritual Philosphy for the World We Create

I believe that you need to find and connect with three things to be fulfilled: your calling, your people, and your higher power.

The following is my philosophy on the later. It is the ocean that I swim in and the breeze that guides my way.

What you believe and perceive profoundly shapes your experience of life.

Since your life is nothing but experience and perception, it helps to believe things that enhance your experience.

When you enhance your experience, you enhance the experience of others, and when you enhance the experience of others, you enhance your own.

This is because we are all reflections of each other.

Ultimately, we are One.

You are a Divine being, emanating from Source, having a human experience.

Most of us have forgotten this and live under the illusion of separation.

Sin is simply another word for separation. So is fear.

There is a level of consciousness that loves you unconditionally.

I call this Source, the Universe, and God.

Your soul’s mission is to unite with Source and experience this consciousness while here on Earth.

Some traditions call this Enlightenment or Nirvana. Some people call it Christ Consciousness or Ascension.  Some people call it being Awake.

On your journey toward this, in this lifetime and others, life sends you lessons.

When you learn enough lessons, you go to the next level and “suddenly” your life is different.

What’s really happened is your consciousness has evolved. 

This is also the journey of humanity.

How we collectively experience God or the Divine on earth evolves with our collective level of spiritual consciousness.

We are currently experiencing a shift to the next level of consciousness, but not everyone is moving at the same speed.

This is why it seems like there is so much separation but…

When you stop focusing on separation and start focusing on connection, you find and create more connection.  

Connection unites us, breaks down separation and, in doing so, leads us back to the Source. 

The Christian bible is a series of stories written in a historical context that – like any good book – can provide guideposts for living. But it is not the only way to God.

There are many paths to God.

Jesus is one of them.

So is Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, Indigenous traditions, and many other religions, philosophies and teachers past and present.

So is nature.

So is meditation and mindfulness.

So is music, movement, sex, food, and art.

So is praying, visualizing, affirming, journaling, being grateful, listening to your higher Self and letting go.

So is playing, laughing, sharing, and listening to and being present for your fellow human being,

So is caring for animals, children and tending to the Earth

So is compassion.

So is the act of creation, in the many forms it takes.

So is love.

God is love.

God/Source/ the Universe doesn’t judge. We judge ourselves and each other through our separation from Source.

Heaven and hell aren’t places you go when you die. They are experiences you have while you are alive.

What matters most is not what happens when you die but how you live while you are here.

When you live from a place of connection (with Source, yourself, others and the planet) you feel clarity, happiness, energy, joy, peace, abundance, tranquility, knowing, gratitude and belonging.

When you live from a place of disconnection (a.k.a. separation) you feel fear, anger, hatred, hopelessness, loneliness, confusion, alienation, and abandonment.

All humans need to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure. The fulfillment of these needs is the gift of connection.

If you feel disconnected, you can plug into Source energy by connecting with positive people, with your body through physical activity, with your spirit by doing something you enjoy, or through one of the spiritual paths listed above.

You were born with a divine purpose for your life.


When you find and live in accordance with your purpose, life flows and happiness grows.

This is the message of Jesus (and many other spiritual masters).

It has been distorted by organized religion over the years, but it is still relevant.

We aren’t all born with the same advantages, so part of our collective purpose is to lift up those who need it to help them find their own blueprint and purpose.

Everything you do or don’t do, impacts someone else – often without you knowing it.Minimize harm. Maximize joy.

Your body is a sacred vessel with as much wisdom to share as your mind. Be good it it.

Intuition matters. Listen to it.

The darkest night is just before dawn. The shadows matter as much as the light.


What you believe doesn’t matter so much as that you believe something that makes your life and the lives of those around you better.

Some or all of this won’t resonate with some of you and that’s okay.


You are loved.