My story

I’m June Morrow: thought-provoker, agent of transformation and tour guide on your journey to a life filled with passion, energy, and joy.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing something I’ve learned in a way that prompts people to take those first, second or 588th beautiful steps toward living in alignment with the person they were meant to be.

Change is my bitch. She’s also my best friend.

Every time I’ve ignored her, she’s kicked me in the ass.  Every time I’ve listened, no matter how frightening her requests have seemed, she’s paved my way.

We’ve had quite the adventure so far.

I’ve been a stripper, journalist, playwright, stand-up comic, DJ, web designer, fitness instructor, communications consultant, dating coach, public servant, author and facilitator (to name a few of my more exciting adventures).

I’ve been married and divorced twice, lived in three different cities, and completely reinvented my life four times.

Each of these experiences has led me closer to my own truth: that I was put on this planet to learn and to share the insights of my journey in a way that helps others connect with their own passion, purpose, and love.

I was put on this planet to help people remember and connect with their authentic selves.

This is my gift. It’s what I can’t help but do.

I’ve forgotten this and I’ve been stuck. When I’ve remembered, I found my way through.

As a natural-born editor, it’s always been easy for me to spot the themes in a story and assess what’s relevant and interesting. As a natural-born project manager, it’s always been easy for me to break down the enormous into smaller steps and get shit done.

I marry the spiritual with the practical, the dreaming with the doing.  

I stand for authentic connection, creativity, learning and discovery, spirituality, integrity, adventure and personal growth.

I help people find their Way.

And so Wayfinder here I am, a fellow Wayfinder happy that our paths have crossed.

For however long we journey together, may you remember the bundle of brilliance that you already are and let that be the light that navigates you home.


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