My Story

I’m June Morrow: a teacher, consultant & copywriter for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to change people's lives for the better.

I’m also also a former journalist, award-winning communications consultant, and speaker whose story has been viewed over one million times on social media. (Check it out on Facebook.)

If you're done with your 9 to 5, I get it.

Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I worked for 11 years in government where, eight years in, I found myself in danger of becoming the stereotype of the jaded public servant. 

Nothing makes me happier than inspiring someone to take their first, second or 488th step toward living in alignment with the person they were meant to be. 

So, I got certified as a life coach and set out to start my side-hustle where I quickly learned… 

When it came to the business side of things, I didn’t know WTF I was doing.  

business-coaching-june morrow 1

So, I got help…

A lot of help…

Over $20,000 worth of help in the form of personal coaching, programs, courses and retreats over the next four years. 

Some were great. Others were way too ambitious for someone just starting out but I learned. I fell on my ass – a lot –  and I got back up. 

And, since, I can’t help but share what I learn (it’s one of my super powers), I started helping other new entrepreneurs on their journeys. 


And then God hit...

About a year before I quit my job, I recieved a strong calling  to bring people to God. 

At first, I was like “WTF God! Can’t you see I’m trying to be a coach here?”

Then I realized the two weren’t mutually exclusive, especially since to me God isn’t a judgemental man in the sky but Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, and the quality of Love itself (learn more about my spiritual beliefs.)

So, as I grow my business, I am also pursuing studies to become a New Thought minister. 


spiritual June

You have been called to launch & grow your business to become the highest version of yourself and to inspire others to do the same.


My practice is based on three fundamental beliefs

You could press snooze on your calling, give in to your self-doubt, keep struggling, and deny the world your gifts.

Or you can take a deep breathe, accept your calling, breakthrough those things holding you back, do work you love and change this world for the better. 

If you’re ready for the latter, it’s my honour to show you the way. 

Go from a Dreamer to a Doer