About June Morrow

I am an award-winning communications consultant & speaker.

I believe we are all born with certain gifts and aptitudes – things that we can’t help but do.

I can’t help but think of ways to communicate. 

As a natural-born editor, it’s easy for me to spot themes  and assess what’s relevant to audiences.

As a former web producer, I incorporate a deep knowledge of how people interact with words and images online into everything I do.

And, as an entrepreneur, I take a holistic approach to ensure that your messaging resonates with a clearly defined audience and plays a key role in your mission.

I spent five years as a life and business coach. 

During this time, I created over 1,000 pieces of social media content, developed multiple web pages, produced dozens of videos, and sent hundreds of emails.

At one point, a reader randomly sent me $250 to thank me for inspiring her with my content. 

That’s when I realized I could help other businesses with theirs.

It made sense.

Before going out on my own, I was a senior communications consultant in the public service. 

I developed multiple internal websites, wrote over 500 posts resulting in over 1,000 comments, and helped gain over a million views on a refreshed employee web portal in 12 months.

Before that, I’d worked as an associate editor with Canadian Business Magazine, and as a freelance videographer and web designer.

I have a Bachelor of Journalism and a Diploma in Business Admin Marketing.

I value clarity, creativity, self-expression, and belonging.

I communicate. I connect.  I Inspire.



I once toured Canada with a one-woman musical comedy.

I love singing and have played the guitar poorly for over 30 years.

A speech I did on how I changed my life and got on the path to a communications career has been viewed over 22,000 times on Facebook.

My favourite place in the world is the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland.

I was born in June.


If you are ready to connect with your audience in an authentic and aligned way, let's connect.