10 rules for your first year in business

Ten Rules for New Service-Based Entrepreneurs

In 2020, as I neared the end of my first year in business, I reflected on all that I’d learned and decided to share it in a video series with my top advice for new coaches, consultants and online service-based entrpreneurs.  

If you’re in your first year in business, consider these your Cole’s Notes of what you need to know.  

(Fun fact: you can also watch the changing seasons in Toronto behind me. )

1. Build relationships before tech

2. Describe problems not processes

3. Be specific about who you serve

4. Treat your side hustle like a job

5. Think Like an Entrepreneur

6. Create a financial net before you quit your day job

7. Hang out with other entrepreneurs

8. Be patient

9. Get comfortable with discomfort

10. Separate your worth from that of your business