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Are You Hiding Behind Your Screen

In my first year in business, I spent countless hours building my website, designing my logo, and getting my branding just right.

I thought “If I build it, they will come.”

Spoiler alert – they didn’t.

That’s not how most service-based start-ups work.

The handful of clients I did get came through people I already knew.

Yet, part of me still felt like I needed to get these things right before I could approach more people as a bonafide coach.

In my mind, a well-designed website would legitimize my business.

Without one, I was afraid people would see me as a fraud.

It was a classic case of imposter syndrome…

And procrastination.

Because the longer I spent on all the behind-the-scene details, the less I had to go out and risk rejection and failure and all the other ugly feelings that come up when you step out of your comfort zone.

Websites, branding, and logos are great to have but in your first year of business, they aren’t the primary driver of your income.

Relationships with people are.

And you don’t need a website, branding, or a beautiful logo to build relationships.

You are good enough to connect exactly as you are.

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