Stop exhausting yourself with content creation

You know you should be posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter; sending a newsletter; blogging on Medium; giving talks on Clubhouse; hanging out and offering value in other groups; creating free training, and doing a million other things to market your business. So, you summon some courage, write a post based on what […]

Stop sabotaging your authority with hedge words

I just wanted to… I’d like to tell you… I kind of think that… If you use phrases like this in your emails, posts, lives, videos, or other marketing, STOP! Phrases like just, really, kind of, I think that, I guess that, and sort of are what language experts call hedges.  In marketing, hedges diminish your authority.  They say “This is what […]

3 types of bios all entrepreneurs need today

Like your headshot, your bio is an essential part of your marketing.  But, given the multiple channels you use to promote your services – social media, websites, podcasts, opt-in content, joint ventures, networking, and more – one bio no longer cuts it.  Instead, you need three. 1. A Longform Bio This is the brand or personal story that goes on your website about […]