Beach Ball

Originally published in the WasagaDome inaugral season print program. It’s been called a giant golf ball in the sand, an enormous igloo, and the giant jungle gym of Georgian Bay. What is it? It’s WasagaDome: Ontario’s premier beachfront entertainment complex; a unique performance space for circus, comedy, music, and other events; and a structure known […]

7 phrases to banish from your online profile

Originally published in Digital Romance You’re active, laid back and drama-free. You have a great sense of humour and love to travel. In fact, you’re just a normal person looking for a partner in crime.  Why isn’t your inbox flooded with messages? If the way you describe yourself in your online dating profile is anything […]

Q&A with John Oliver

Originally published in NOW magazine As the dimple-faced British correspondent from The Daily Show, John Oliver still isn’t sure what he’s doing in America. Fans of the former radio-show writer would say he’s making us laugh. Whether poking fun at U.S. foreign policy or the differences between British and American customs, his naive style cloaks […]

Thinking of quitting? Start here.

Things didn’t go as planned and now you’re considering retreating to your comfort zone. You know? That place where you aren’t trying to grow your audience, meet sales quotas, hire help, and do a million other things you’ve never done before? Perhaps you’re fantasizing about returning to the corporate world: that magical place where there’s never […]