Build a Coaching or Consulting Side-Hustle and Scale it to Full-time.

You dream of leaving your day job and becoming a full-time coach or consultant.

Perhaps you’ve even taken a few steps in that direction – obtained a certification, helped a few people, or done some events – but it’s not exactly like people are lining up to work with you.

Where is all that business you dreamed of?

Secretly, you’re wracked with self-doubt:

  • What if you can’t make a living doing this?
  • What if you don’t have what it takes?
  • How the hell will you fit it all in on top of your day job and the rest of your life?

From websites to social media to sales conversations (ugh!), it all seems so overwhelming.


If you’re floundering in a part-time service-based business know this:
It’s not your fault!

Chances are no one showed you how to do this or if they did, they showed you things that work for established businesses that don’t work in the start-up phase (Facebook ads, I’m looking at you).

Fortunately, there is a systematic way to build a profitable side-hustle and take it full-time without overwhelm.


Six months to build a purpose-driven, part-time service-based-business that operates like one.

For the coach or consultant with a day job who needs


  • Cut through option-overload to select the right side-hustle for you
  • Translate your purpose into a niche that pays
  • Get inside the mind of your ideal client
  • Harness the power of your life story to overcome imposter syndrome


  • Uncover hidden pockets of time
  • Simplify your to-do list
  • Cultivate a mindset that puts the wind at your back


  • Develop a validated service that people are itching to buy
  • Create a client pathway to grow your audience
  • Simplify social media and take the pain out of in-person networking
  • Banish the ick-factor from sales, shift your money mindset and get paid what you are worth


  • Create and fine-tune your day job exit strategy
  • Get ongoing support to keep you accountable on a weekly basis even after the program has ended
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Five years ago, I was a full-time government employee dreaming about doing something that aligned with my passion for personal growth.

I knew I wanted to be some kind coach or consultant but was clueless about how to make money doing so. I spent the first year of my side-hustle burning out, not making any money and doing all the wrong things.

Determined to get things right, I spent over $20,000 on courses, coaches, business development programs, and retreats.  I’ll be honest, some were great. But many were far too ambitious for the hours I had in a day.

I simply couldn’t get everything done.

So I didn’t.

I stopped trying to do everything and focused solely on the steps that mattered the most and in 2019 I left that government job for good.

Today, I show mission-driven people who want to leave their jobs how to create service-based side-hustles so they can validate, launch, and grow their business; create a viable exit strategy from their jobs; and, start making the difference they were put on this Earth to make.

I sold my first course!

I had been wanting to start a side-hustle for a long time and did little things here and there, but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible.

Thes Runway Program changed all of that. The combination of videos, individual work,  accountability, and coaching calls helped me to understand the foundations of building a business in a clear and accessible way.

More importantly, June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a product, I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do.

This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment. Then the magic started and I sold my first course! I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend June’s program!

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta
Equity and leadership coach



12 one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions taken over a six-month period. ($3300 value)

56 Runway Program videos ($2800 value) on topics including how to:

  • attract and connect with your dream clients
  • understand your unique value proposition
  • create an offer your target market can't refuse
  • create content that builds trust in your expertise
  • overcome money blocks, price your offer, and actually sell it
  • deliver kickass services and harness the power of referrals
  • develop time, energy, and mindset habits to put the wind at your back
  • strategize your growth so you'll know exactly when to leave your day job

12 workbooks with practical activities to advance your business despite your day job. ($600 value)

Map to exit spreadsheets and budget templates so you'll know exactly when you'll go full-time. ($37 value)

The Aligned Planner to connect your daily activities with your long-term vision of a business you love! ($97 value)

Total program value: $6,834

$2,250 (USD)

* Payment plans available

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This program is for you if you:

  • Have or want to start a part-time service-based business such as coaching or consulting and scale it to full-time
  • Have a deep desire to empower people and transform lives
  • Can find 6 hours per week to learn how to grow your business and work on it
  • Are ready to step out of your comfort zone and make the difference you know in your heart are here for

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Want to sell tangible products such as jewelry, art, or clothes, build a brick and mortar building or do multi-level marketing
  • Are currently so busy taking care of others (parents, children, family emergencies), that you don’t have time to dedicate to a part-time business right now
  • Are unemployed with no current source of income
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It's easy to get lost in a crowd. This program is one-on-one so it's fully customizable to your unique journey as an entrepreneur.

Also, I've designed The Runway with your time constraints in mind so you can focus on the essentials you need to start attracting clients and making money as soon as possible.

That depends on where your money mindset is right now, what market you are targeting, and how clear you are on your target audience, the problem you solve for them, and how valuable this solution is to them. These are all things we cover in the program.

If you follow the steps in this program – and especially the ones that push you out of your comfort zone - in six months you will be actively offering a service in exchange for money and be drawing in clients who want that service and are willing to pay for it.

What you get out of this program is what you put into it. I can’t guarantee that you do this work – although coaching comes with a built-in accountability structure so that you do.

I can guarantee that if you consistently show up for your sessions and do the work between sessions you will make progress toward your dream business.


Before you register, let's chat to ensure this is the right program for you.

Book a 20-minute video call with me following the steps below.

  1. Click on the apply button below. This will lead you to my booking page on 10to8.com.
  2. Use the single chevron ( >) to navigate through the weeks and find a date and time that works for you.
  3. Fill out the form and submit your request.
  4. I will confirm your appointment within 24 hours and then send you an email from june@junemorrow with a Zoom link for your call.

During the call, we'll discuss where you are currently with your business and where you want to be.

If we both decide you are a good fit for the program, I'll send you an enrollment package and get you on the path to a successful part-time side-hustle.

So much more than I expected…

Michael Kurup

June uncovered the alignment between what I wanted to do, and what I’m truly meant to do.

From there she helped me develop a plan and provided some connections and resources to make that plan viable. My goals are now much more concrete and attainable!

Michael Kurup
personal trainer, entrepreneur, world's biggest basketball fan


  • Get the road map you need to take you from day job to dream business so you'll know exactly when you’ll transition to a full-time business and how you will do it

  • Get clear on the right business idea and target market for you so you can get out of indecision and into action now

  • Learn how to consistently find clients and enroll them in your services at a price that brings both you and your clients closer to your dreams

  • Stop stalling yourself on non-revenue generating activities and simplify your life to accelerate your progress

  • Deal with imposter syndrome, self-doubt and limiting money mindsets so you can expand your comfort zone, play bigger and receive more

  • Break out of procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing with mindset and time-management shifts that put the wind at your back

  • Get the clarity, confidence and courage that comes from consistent, supported daily action in the direction of your dream
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