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But EVERYONE is doing it…

Something I often hear from first-time entrepreneurs is “I can’t do the thing I want to do because everyone is doing it.”

Often what behind this generalization is fear:

  • Fear of competing with people they know or admire
  • fear that they won’t stand out
  • fear that there aren’t enough people out there willing to buy their service

Each of these is ultimately a fear of rejection, failure and not being good enough.

And like many fears, it’s based on assumptions rather than tested reality.

When you are super specific about who you serve, authentic in the way you do it, and take action every day to expand your reach, the idea of competition becomes irrelevant.

Instead of being afraid of competing with people you know or admire, look at them as mentors to emulate.

If you’re afraid of not standing out, niche down even further and then announce it publicly.

And, if you’re afraid there isn’t enough business to go around, get into action. Reach out to your network to ask for referrals, partner with people who can expose you to their audiences, offer up sample sessions and free assessments.

Stop thinking and start doing.

The quickest antidote to fear is taking action despite it.

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