Too many ideas? Try this!

If you’re like many creative people, you have more ideas than time. If you keep getting distracted by them, do this to keep yourself focused.

How to survive a job you want to quit

Trying to stay motivated in a job when you would rather do something is a challenge. Here’s how I did it for five years as I worked my exit strategy.

Are you circling the wagon?

Circling the wagon happens when you get close to what you want but don’t go directly for it. Here’s what to do when when this is you.

How to go out when you’d rather hibernate

It’s easy to slip into a state of inertia when the thermometer dips.  But, if you, like me, have dreams bigger than finishing a season on Netflix, you’ve got shit to do. How to take action when you’re feeling as motivated on a sloth on its day off.

Are you missing a sunset?

Just because you aren’t in your ideal environment doesn’t mean you can’t express small parts of who you are now.