Beach Ball

Originally published in the WasagaDome inaugral season print program. It’s been called a giant golf ball in the sand, an enormous igloo, and the giant jungle gym of Georgian Bay. What is it? It’s WasagaDome: Ontario’s premier beachfront entertainment complex; a unique performance space for circus, comedy, music, and other events; and a structure known […]

7 phrases to banish from your online profile

Originally published in Digital Romance You’re active, laid back and drama-free. You have a great sense of humour and love to travel. In fact, you’re just a normal person looking for a partner in crime.  Why isn’t your inbox flooded with messages? If the way you describe yourself in your online dating profile is anything […]

Q&A with John Oliver

Originally published in NOW magazine As the dimple-faced British correspondent from The Daily Show, John Oliver still isn’t sure what he’s doing in America. Fans of the former radio-show writer would say he’s making us laugh. Whether poking fun at U.S. foreign policy or the differences between British and American customs, his naive style cloaks […]

How to tell a calling from a passion project

Have you ever felt so excited by a new idea you dropped everything and worked on it non-stop only to lose interest three weeks later? It can be so disheartening – especially, if you were certain that this time, you’d finally found your thing.  A common misconception about callings is that they strike like lightning. When […]