Clients & Clarity VIP Day

Is this you?

When people ask you what you do, you have no idea how to respond.

Your messaging has been attracting a mixed bag of clients, the wrong types of clients, or no clients at all.

When asked to describe your ideal client at a level deeper than demographics, you get stuck.

You want to be seen as a go-to expert but the truth is most people don’t really know or understand what it is you do.

You know you need to narrow down your target audience but you’re afraid of losing the business you have.


If so, you need more clarity in your messaging starting with who you serve.

Your niche is the foundation of your business. 

If you aren’t clear on who you help, their most pressing problems and the tangible changes they’ll experience in their lives after working with you, you are wasting valuable time for limited results.

In a Clients & Clarity VIP Day, we take a deep dive into

Who you actually want to work with and what makes them a dream client. 

Their fears & frustations, hopes & dreams and how that translates into your offer. 

How to create messaging that magnetizes your ideal client to you.

You’ll leave with

Is this right for you?

Sarah Green

After working with June, I now know who my ideal client is and what I truly offer. She gave me the clarity and guidance I needed to define my services and during our work together, I felt heard as well as helped.

I highly recommend her for any entrepreneur looking for more clarity in their communications.

Sarah Green


Metabolic Balance

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How it works

We spend the day together on Zoom as I lead you through a series of question and exercises to help get clear on who you help, what problems you help them with, their dream outcomes and how to integrate all of this into your marketing messaging and offer.


Prior to your Clients & Clarity Day, I will send you a market research assignment to prepare for the day. 


Book a call to see if this is right for you.