Copywriting & Content Strategy

Do your words reflect your work & your worth?

You want to make an impact, transform lives, and change the world for the better but…

You find it hard to write about yourself in a way that sets you apart from others. 

You have about five-million things you’d rather do than write copy for your website

Although you know you should be more consistent on social media, when you sit down to create content you draw a blank

You’re overwhelmed with ideas, lack clarity, and don’t know where to start


I help coaches, facilitators and other service-based entrepreneurs tell their stories in ways that attract their ideal clients.

Kerry Kott

I was so blown away at how well June got me. Wow! Her copy was perfect! It speaks directly to the reader and captured my essence and what I do beautifully. It's such a relief not having to do this myself. It’s made a huge impact.

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I am a former journalist, award-winning communications consultant, and speaker whose story has been viewed over one million times on social media.

As a natural-born editor, it’s always been easy for me to spot the themes in information and assess what’s relevant to audiences.

As a former web producer, I incorporate a deep knowledge of how people interact with words and images online into everything I do.

And, as an entrepreneur, I take a strategic approach to ensure that your copy doesn’t just resonate with a clearly defined audience, it plays a key role in your strategies. 

Stephanie Town
I knew I needed a bio for my website but had been putting it off. I didn't know where to start, what was relevant, or what I wanted my bio to highlight. A one-hour session with June, including very pointed questions that flowed naturally in the conversation, provided everything June needed to write a spectacular bio. Sometimes we need to see ourselves through someone else's eyes. June nailed it and got what I'm about completely.


Unique Value Proposition Writing (UVP)

Do you have a hard time summing up exactly what it is you do?

 When you tell people about your business, do they look confused?

A unique value proposition is a concise statement that tells people what you do, who you do it for, and what outcomes they get working with you in words specifically chosen to attract the attention of your ideal client. 

Use your UVP on your website; in your about/bio sections on Facebook, LInkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other social media; and everytime someone asks you “So… what do you do?” 

Book your UVP interview. $99

Bio Writing

Is your current bio outdated or boring? 

At a loss for words when it comes to talking about yourself? 

Not sure what to include and what to leave out?

Whether you have not enough information or too much, I find the unique themes in your life story and bring them out in a concise statement that helps potential clients know, like, and trust you.  

Services, including Unique Value Proposition, starts from $199.  Book a call to learn more. 


Website copywriting

When clients visit your website, do they immediately know what problems you solve for people, what people you solve them for, and why they should work with you? 

If not, you might be losing valuable leads. 

Whether you need a refresh or original copy for a new site, I help you pair it down and punch it up to lead your ideal clients down the path to working with you.

Services start from $199 per page. Book a call to learn more. 


Magnetic Messaging Morning

Overwhelmed by social media?

Know you should be sending out emails and posting more regularly but not sure what to say?

Trouble staying consistent?

In a Magnetic Messaging Morning, we work through these issues together.

You’ll learn how to align your content to your goals, craft promotional content that connects without being salesy, and map out three months of strategic social media posts and emails.

$275. Book a call to learn if this is right for you.

Rivers Corbett
I had always thought it would be an important part of my legacy to tell my story but I didn't know where to start. I didn't have to be concerned. June is a ROCKSTAR in listening and subsequently bringing your journey to life in a way that embodies the underlying lessons and emotions. What a treasure!

Book a consultation to learn more about what I can do for you.