How I work

You’re bright, multi-talented, you could do anything you put your mind to. So why are you so unhappy?

You’re unhappy because you feel disconnected from one or more of the following:

  1. Your spirit: i.e. authentic self-expression, joy, creativity, fun and the things that light you up
  2. Source/the Universe/ God: an unwavering source of clarity, unconditional acceptance and faith in yourself
  3. Community: a tribe where you belong and fit in with the people around you

You’re unhappy because you’re disconnected from the Truth of Who You Are.

In my world, God (a.k.a. Source/the Universe) means wisdom, clarity, energy, joy, courage, confidence, curiosity, calm, compassion, creativity, connection, love, abundance and a bunch of other amazing things.

As reflections of God, these qualities are available to all of us.

This is Who You Are.

My job is to help people who are ready for it clear the mental clutter that keeps them from accessing these qualities within themselves so they can get on paths that lights them up and illuminate the world in turn.  

How do you know if you’re ready? 

Jesus said, “Many are called but few are chosen.” I believe this means few are ready to do the work required, not to get to some mythical place in the sky, but to live a life that feels like heaven here on earth. 

Becoming the person God wants you to be requires consistent, deliberate, action in the direction of your highest self; including on days when you’d rather stay home and do the same old things you’ve always done.

We are all at different levels of personal and spiritual evolution.

I’ll be frank (even though my name is June).
Not everyone is ready.

In my experience, those who are:

  • Crave meaning and a higher purpose in their life
  • Sense they were born to make a difference in this world even if they don’t yet know what that is
  • Are willing to take compassionate responsibility for their thoughts and actions
  • Are capable of introspection, being radically honest with themselves and stepping out of their comfort zones in guided ways
  • Are open to connecting with an infinite source of inner wisdom beyond the physical that has their back

If you read that and thought “Fuck Yah! That’s me!” (or “Yes June! I sure am!” if cursing isn’t your style 😉), working with me will:

  • reveal your God-given your gifts,
  • show you the purpose of your story,
  • connect you with your natural alliances,
  • provide you with multiple Ways to access clarity, belonging, acceptance, creativity, wisdom and love
  • and lead you to a path that makes your soul sing!

You mentioned Jesus. Do I need to be Christian to work with you?

Fuck no! (or “Heck no!” for those of you who don’t like the F word.)

Although Jesus is my personal rock and I occasionally drop fresh interpretations of Bible passages based on what I believe to their original meaning, I also believe there are many paths to God.

My goal is not to convert anyone to a specific doctrine. It’s to share universal truths so that you can find your own rock-solid set of beliefs to guide you on your Way.

You can read more about my beliefs in a A Map to Your Higher Self.

Alrighty! So what exactly do you do?

I’ve been called by God to help people remember that clarity, acceptance and community are their birthright and available to them whenever they want.

I do this through:

  • the Guideposts for Living newsletter
  • biweekly spiritual conversation groups in Toronto
  • workshops and public speaking gigs
  • online group programs and
  • one-on-one spiritual coaching

The goal for each is to help you in one or more of the following ways:

1. Decluttering your thoughts

Doubt, insecurity, negativity – these factors block clarity, make you second-guess yourself, drain your energy and keep you stuck. I help you weed this shit out so you can get to the good stuff beneath.

2.  Becoming clear on and living your purpose

Who are you? Why are you here? What lights you up? What is it about your story that can uplift the world? How does your soul want to be? I help you uncover the answers and get onto a path that reflects them.

3.  Knowing that you are loved, accepted, and capable exactly as you are

God’s love, faith and conviction in you is your secret weapon when it comes to getting shit down. I help you strengthen your relationship with Source to access this on demand.

4. Finding a spiritual community that uplifts and supports you

You are not alone. Ever! Through God and finding your tribe, you get this.

Should you find that my tribe is You, I would be honoured to have you. Whether it’s a live event, online or one-on-one, you belong.

June Morrow

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