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How to promote yourself when you haven’t had any clients

My heart sank.

I was taking a course with a coach who helps entrepreneurs with messaging.

“Write a post about your timeline,” she suggested. “What happened in your business that would inspire potential clients. Quantify it. How many clients did you have? How many programs did you sell?”

I didn’t have any clients. I hadn’t sold any programs.

I was brand-spankin’ new to my business and wracked with self-doubt:  

Why the Hell would anyone buy from me?

Sound familiar?

If you’re new to your business, you won’t have success stories and comparing yourself to others who do is a one-way ticket to the Land of Not Good Enough (a.k.a. The Isle of Inertia).

What you do have is time –

Time you could use to lay the groundwork for future success stories by:

  1. Reminding yourself of the qualifications you do have
  2. Getting clear on your target market and offer
  3. Giving low cost or free sessions in exchange for testimonials
  4. Reaching out for referrals and cross-promotions
  5. Crafting messaging that positions you as an expert despite your lack of experience

Focus on what you do have. Not on what you don’t. Then, measure your success by taking the steps.

Do this and the results will come soon enough.

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