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How to tell a calling from a passion project

Have you ever felt so excited by a new idea you dropped everything and worked on it non-stop only to lose interest three weeks later?

It can be so disheartening – especially, if you were certain that this time, you’d finally found your thing. 

A common misconception about callings is that they strike like lightning.

When it’s right for you, you should just know. Right?


Finding your calling is a lot like finding the right partner.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight. More often, it’s curiosity, then interest, then slowly mounting feelings as you spend more and more time together.

And like romance, the ideas that take over your life in the beginning can sometimes burn out just as fast.  

If you’re struggling with wanting to drop your current goals in favour of an exciting new idea, try this instead.

Date the new idea before marrying it.

Spend an hour or two with your new obsession once a week to see if it’s a genuine calling or just a passing passion project.

Feelings aren’t facts, so it’s a good idea to see if they pass the test of time.

Like the right mate, the ones that are meant for you will stick around.

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