Is this you?

You’ve got a job. A decent job.
Most days, you even like your job.

But deep inside, something keeps bubbling up.

You’ve got this idea.

This idea to do something creative.
Something expressive.
Something you’ve never done before.

Something that would show the world who you really are.

It’s not like you haven’t tried.

Yet, every time you go for it, something seems to hold you back. 

You tried it once. Then, you hit that roadblock and thought, “I have no idea WTF I’m doing!” and gave up or put it “on hold.”

You took an online course. It was so time-consuming, you dropped it.  “Easy for the instructor,” you thought. “They don’t have a full-time job.”

You told your friends about the idea. They all agreed you should go for it. And now, each time they ask you how the idea is going, you die a little inside.

But that idea?
It didn’t give up on you.
It keeps coming back.

And try as you might to forget about it, in those moments when you’re bored at work, or surfing social media, or just about to fall asleep, it haunts you: “I should really do that thing…”

And here’s why.

You didn’t choose that idea.
It chose you.

Yes, you, my mild-mannered friend, are the chosen one.

And this idea is not just an idea.

It’s the call to an epic journey – a journey that will help you step into your potential and become the person you were born to be and make the difference you were born to make.

So which path do you choose?

Do you put it off again only to watch someone else do your big-ass idea and get all the glory while you secretly seethe inside?

Do you try to half-ass it on your own and give up as soon as it gets too hard and disappoint yourself again?

Do you choose a less scary option and remain vaguely dissatisfied that you aren’t living up to your potential for the rest of your life? Or…

Do you step onto the path the Universe is calling you to and make that big idea a reality?  

If you are ready to explore how to get your idea out of your head and into the world where it can make the difference it is meant to, I can help.

I’ve helped bloggers, musicians, event producers, podcasters, creative entrepreneurs, non-profit founders and more – all with separate full-time jobs – launch their creative visions. 

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