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I’ve Got a What in my What?

Have you ever been to the doctor and she says something like “You’ve got a stress fracture in your metatarsal?’

And you’re like, “I don’t understand a word she just said.”

Doctors are notorious for speaking medical language rather than plain English.

If you have a stress fracture in your metatarsal it means you’ve cracked one of the bones between your ankle and your toes.

But, if you are in excruciating pain every time you walk, the diagnosis is secondary to making the pain go away.

Language matters.

If I was in severe foot pain and I had to pay to see a doctor, I would see the one who advertises helping people with severe foot pain over the one who advertises themselves as a metatarsal specialist.

Metatarsal isn’t speaking my language. Foot pain is.

So, it is for your business.

If you want to attract clients, you need to speak their language, not yours.

How do the people in your ideal audience describe their problem?

Find out and then repeat this back to them in your emails, your posts, and any other marketing materials.

Show them that you get them first and they’ll know who to come to first.


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