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Likes don’t equal clients

Yesterday I got a voice message from a client saying she’d posted something I’d suggested in our Magnetic Messaging VIP Day and hadn’t received any comments or likes.

I was thrilled.


Because she followed up by saying she’d received four new subscribers to her newsletter…

which was the point of the post!

Too often we judge the success of our content by the interaction it gets online.

Interaction is great as it encourages the social media algorithms to show your content to more people but it’s not always the right measure of if a post is working.

This is especially true if you help people with things like confidence, money, body issues, sexuality, or anything else they might feel embarrassed to talk about online.

In these situations, a call to action to signup for a lead magnet helps your audience see there is hope and build their trust in you as a safe source for a solution.

Likes, loves and comments are great for your ego, but they aren’t always great for your clients… or your pocketbook.

If you’re not posting strategically with an end game in mind, I can help.

With a Magnetic Messaging VIP Day, you get a custom content marketing strategy designed to speak to your ideal clients so you’ll always know what to say, how to say it, where to say it, and when to say it on social media, in emails, and on blogs.

And, you’ll know how to measure if it’s working.

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