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Marketing can be simple

You also know that you need people to know, like, and trust you. And, you’ve been told it’s important to give. So…

You create all sorts of free content

long how-to pieces, live workshops, month-long video trainings…

But nobody signs up for your coaching program.

Desperate to get some income going, you decide to create a low-cost introductory offer – a course, a series, or a membership.

Now you’re juggling even more balls and every single one of them needs to be promoted.

You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused! It’s too much!!!

But you’re supposed to have a funnel! Right?

Freebies, how-to content, and low-cost offers can be valuable parts of your marketing strategy, but…

When they consume you because:

A.   You have a million ideas

B.   It’s easier (and more fun) for you to create them than do the scary work of relationship building and selling, or

C.   You secretly worry no one would buy your main offer without them

You’re sabotaging yourself and your clients by putting unnecessary speedbumps in the way.

You don’t need to give to the point of exhaustion.

The fastest way from A to B is a straight line.

What is the easiest way for your clients to find you, get to know you, and work with you?

Pick one tactic for each and free your time and your mind for the work that makes the biggest difference.

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