Mindset Reset

Is this you?

Although you’re passionate about what you’re selling, deep inside, you’re not sure why anyone would buy from you

You’re terrified of failing or being rejected and avoid the actions you know would put you in front of more audiences and lead to more sales

You’re stuck in a loop with your business – you keep doing the same old things but never seem to make any progress

You feel like an imposter and are secretly worried people are going to find out you’re a fraud

You’re a procrastinator, people pleaser, perfectionist, control freak or an avoider

The biggest challenges in growing a business often come from within.

Your beliefs shape your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your perspective.
Your perspective shapes your experiences of reality. 

Wouldn’t it help to have thoughts that serve rather than stop you? 

In a Mindset Reset, you'll

Replace business-blocking thoughts with fresh beliefs that put the wind at your back so you can take the steps that previously scared you and attract more clients and money.

Create a custom five-minute daily practice to call in what you want and stay laser-focused on your goal so you can be the person your business and future clients need you to be.

Learn how to get unstuck at any time and quickly shift to a mindset that allows you to move forward in your business.

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How it works

Half a day to slay the subconscious beliefs holding you back.

We spend the three hours together on Zoom. 

First, we look at what’s holding you back? What are the conscious or subconcious beliefs holding you back? Then, we look at what beliefs might serve you better and I show you how to embed these into your life so that you make better choices moving forward. 

In the second part of our session, we look at everything you’ve done in your life – not just your education and credentials but your lived experiences – that make you an expert and absolutely qualified to do what you do. 

To close the morning, and know that you’ve always got your back, we do a bit of time travelling to connect with your inner child and let them know you are here for them always. 

Cathy Baillie

Before working with June, I felt stuck. I had a case of full-blown imposter syndrome and was spending time hiding behind technology (e.g: social media). During our Mindset Morning, she helped me recognize the beliefs that were holding me back and keeping me from reaching out to people who could help me grow my business, and the value that I bring. Together, we came up with
new more empowering thoughts and a process to make them stick. I feel I have a firm grasp of my value and am taking the steps I need to reach my goals. 

Go from self-sabotage to smooth sailing.

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Investment: $497

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