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Need “leads”? Try this reframe

You may have heard “If you want a lot of clients, you need a lot of leads”

But, to heart-centred coaches who feel icky about selling and marketing in general, “getting leads” can seem transactional and cold – the opposite of what you want to be seen as.

If this is you, try this reframe:

Change the word lead to relationship.

Because, ultimately, this is what marketing your coaching services or program is all about – inviting people into your orbit, meeting them, connecting with them, and developing increasingly closer relationships with people over time.

And just like a relationship, you’re not going to hop into bed with the right person overnight (unless it’s a very, very lucky night 😉).

You need to take time to get to know each other and determine if you’re the right fit.

This is what your content strategy and sales funnels are all about –nurturing the connection between you and the people who could use your services.

So, focus on cultivating relationships, not gathering leads – especially in the first few years of your business. 

You’ll feel more connected and so will those you serve!

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