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Overcome your fear of bothering your list

“I don’t want to spam my list by emailing them too often.”

I hear this frequently from heart-centred entrepreneurs and I get it. No one wants to come across like a used-car salesman.

If you’re not pressing send out of fear people will think you’re too pushy, it’s time to reframe the conversation in your mind.

You perform a valuable service.

The people on your list signed up because either:

  1. They thought your offer (a freebie or paid service) could solve their problem.
  2. They are interested in you as a person.

Some people on your list genuinely want to hear from you. Some of these genuinely need your help.

Consumers are exposed to more information than ever.

It takes people on average eight encounters with a brand to remember it. This is why on TV and social media you see the same ads over and over.

When you send out multiple emails, you give audiences the opportunity to remember you.

The stakes aren’t as high as you think they are.

On average, only 15 to 25 percent of the people on a mailing list open a mass email.

Smaller lists tend to have higher open rates because people personally know the sender and larger lists tend to have lower open rates.

This may sound discouraging, but it’s not. Here’s why?

If your subject line is compelling, the right people will open your email.

Junk mail is in the eye of the beholder: it’s not junk if a person is interested in it.

If they aren’t interested in most of your emails, they can always unsubscribe.

Email marketing isn’t about you.

It’s about connecting with the people you serve whether that’s through an ongoing content marketing strategy to build your know-like-and-trust factor or a targetted launch strategy to fill your program’s roster.

Before you can reap the benefits, however, you must hit send.

Pro Tip

To boost open rates, send your emails twice. First, to your entire list and a few days later, only to those who didn’t open the first email.

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