Planning & Productivity VIP Day

Is this you?

Your dreams are so big you don’t know how you’ll ever get there. 

You’re overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and don’t know where to begin.

You’re great at starting things but, face it, you kind of suck at  the follow through

You keep saying you’re going to be more disciplined but… well… life. 

You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, doing a lot of different things but never making progress in terms of clients and money.

Success doesn't come from consistently doing everything.
It comes from doing the right things consistently.

Too much to do and not enough time? 

When you have a full-time job and other parts of your life vying for your attention, building a business can feel like a pipe-dream but the truth is you don’t need more time.

You need a clear, realistic, strategic plan that works with the time you have.

In a Planning & Productivity VIP Day, we take a deep dive into

Time, energy & accountability systems so you’ll know when and how to consistently show up for your business without the overwhelm.

Your vision, objectives, strategies & goals to look at what’s working, what’s not and where you need to spend your time to get the results that matter to you.

Your action plan for the next 12 months to break down big dreams into bite-size tasks and see progress in your business despite part-time hours. 

You’ll leave with

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How it works

Six hours to build momentum for the next 12 months

We spend the day together on Zoom. 

First, we look at setting realistic office hours: When can you show up for your business? What might stop you and how can you overcome those obstacles?

Next, I lead you through a series of questions and exercises to help you get clear on which activities will yield the biggest results in your business over the next year. Based on these priorities, we set up your 12-month plan, and break that down into realistic monthly and weekly goals so you’ll always know what to focus on as you get ‘er done!

Reena-William Friedman Watts

June listened intently to my entire brain dump of overwhelmed-ness. She helped me come up with strategic ways to prioritize and focus on the most urgent. She’s easy to talk to, personable, and creative in her thinking!

Reena-William Friedman Watts


podcaster & marketer

Create the space your business needs.

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