Launch an online coaching or consulting business & do the work you dream of.


Lay the foundation for a flourishing life-changing business.

If you’re floundering in your new business, know this:

It’s not your fault!

The Internet is filled with ads promising a bazillion different ways to make bazillions in your business. It’s no wonder you’re confused.

You see picture after picture of people’s success with none of the work that went into getting there.  It’s no wonder you’re filled with self-doubt.

Starting a business from scratch requires learning lots of things you’ve likely never encountered before. It’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.  

Fortunately, doesn’t have to be this way.

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Get the clarity, confidence, communication & consistency you need to attract paying clients so you can do what you love full-time.


Go from floundering to flourishing as a new coach, lightworker or spiritual consultant.





I sold my first course!


I had been wanting to start a side-hustle for a long time and did little things here and there, but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible. The Runway Program changed all of that.

The combination of videos, individual work, accountability, and coaching calls helped me to understand the foundations of building a business in a clear and accessible way. More importantly, June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a product, I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do.

This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment. Then the magic started and I sold my first course! I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend June’s program!

How The Runway Program Works

Work at your own pace with ongoing access to14 program modules including videos, workbooks & cheatsheets on how to:

Launch Your Business with The Runway Program



$369 CAN

All fees are tax deductible in Canada.

I was a full-time government employee, dreaming about doing work that aligned with my passion for personal growth.

So, I got certified as a coach and spent over $20,000 on programs to learn about the business side of things.

Some were great. Many were way beyond my capacity and needs as a start-up. So, I put the non-necessary aside, looked at what was essential to start making money, started practicing it; and, in 2019, I left my day job for good.

Today I’m a self-employed business consultant for new and pivoting service-based entrepreneurs, copywriter, and New Thought minister-in-training,

I believe that I am here to be a light for others. If you similarly feel called to help people transform their lives, it’s my honour to show you the way.  
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Imagine how good it would feel to know exactly what you were doing, consistently reach the people who need you, and get paid to do what you love.

Is this the right program for you?

The Runway is for you if you:

The Runway is not for you if you:

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Launch Your Business with The Runway Program



$369 CAN

All fees are tax deductible in Canada.

There are people who need your services.
There is money trying to find you.

You could stay stuck in overwhelm, limiting beliefs and inaction. Or…

You could get the clarity, confidence, communication and consistent-action strategies you need to connect with those people in a fair exchange of value, and get on the road to a sustainable future in your dream career. 

I’m so glad I chose June to help me!

Sarah Green

After working with her, I now know who my ideal client is and what I truly wish to offer. She gave me the clarity and guidance I needed to define my offerings and during our work together, I felt heard as well as helped.

I highly recommend her for any new entrepreneur looking for a coach who is extremely knowledgeable and at the same time friendly and understanding.

Go from Day Job to Dream Business as a Coach, Lightwork or Spiritual Consultant

Launch Your Business with The Runway Program



$369 CAN

All fees are tax deductible in Canada.

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Have you ever met someone who ignites your spirit, your passion, your goals or your dreams?

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I have and her name is June Morrow. She was the catalyst I needed to keep moving forward on my launch. For the weeks that we met I overcame hurdles and achieved many successes great and small. But, what I loved most about June’s coaching is that she was able to give me hope and joy even for the small steps. She reminded me that I should always take a positive view and celebrate every action that moved  me closer to my goal(s) and this pushed me to work harder on my “to do” list. 

June’s ability to probe and ask the right questions empowered me to devise plans and strategies that made my dream tangible. If you are looking for a coach who will support you and bring the perspective you need to move forward on your dream, goal or plan, June Morrow is the person for you!