The Authentic Messaging Academy


The Authentic Messaging Academy

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You’re a life coach, healer, or lightworker who started your practice to authentically express who you are but when it comes to marketing, you feel like anyone but yourself.

What do you say?

How do you say it without sounding arrogant?

How do you do all the things they say you need to do without overwhelming yourself?

Why doesn’t any of this feel like you?

Who are you to be doing this anyway?

You know you need to be more visible but the thought of being manipulative or pushy is your worst nightmare so instead, you...

Create multiple posts and workshops and get zero clients from them.

Hideout perfecting your website, your brand, your program, your systems, or your tech (thereby avoiding uncomfortable and more risky interactions with people.)

Take course after course (or free webinar after free webinar), thinking you just need more qualifications or knowledge before you put yourself out there.

Lurk in social media groups to “add value” only to feel like a creepy stalker. 

Purchase cookie-cutter templates promising 365 days of content and never use them because “who talks like that?”

Doubt yourself, decide that not getting traction means you aren’t meant to do it, and change lanes yet again.

Eat too many potato chips, watch Netflix all day, and hope clients will miraculously reach out to you. 

You're overwhelmed, exhausted, spending more than you're making
and not getting any clients!

There is nothing wrong with you.

(In fact, I bet you are compassionate, a great listener, and someone your clients would be lucky to have on their side.)

It's just no one taught you how to

Be consistently visible in a way that aligns with your personality.

Own your unique brand of magic and the difference you make.

Create messaging that helps people feel safe enough to take the next step with you.

Become rooted in your mission in a way that makes you unswayable.

Deal with your inner critic so that your Authentic Self can steer the ship.

This is why I created

The Authentic Messaging Academy




The only two criteria you need to define your audience

A meditation to meet your soul client

Swipe files with scripts to help you find people in your ideal audience 

A cheat sheet of the most revealing market research questions

Tracking sheets for follow-ups



A written plan, unique to you, that tells you exactly where and how to find your soul clients

58 ideas for lead magnets and freebies

A 6-email nurture sequence for coaches and course creators

A customizable framework for how to craft webinars and other training that leads to enrollments

6 strategies to stick with it when you want to do anything but




Your brand archetype(s) so you can lead with your strengths to people who need them

A tagline that helps you stand out in the crowd

A motivating mission statement that  magnetizes the right people to you

Multiple customizable formulas for memorable introductions



A roadmap to share on discovery and enrollment calls to help your program sell itself

An origin story that demonstrates your expertise to others

A template to create a webpage that reflects your worth

The 5 principles of compassion-based marketing




The CARD system for creating authentic connect that authentically connects

Prompts to help you stay focused while writing

Tips for how to write subject lines, headlines and titles that intrigue people and make them want to see what’s inside

A meditation to align your hearts with that of your ideal client and get you in the zone to connect




Guided meditations and other exercises to connect with your Authentic Self

Strategies to deal with perfectionism, procrastination, people-pleasing, doing too much, and other limiting patterns

5 questions to clear your visibility blocks and get unstuck at any time

An Emergency Business Booster Kit to keep you going when the going gets tough





All while implementing your learning with real posts, emails, and interactions.

Ayesah Madhami circular

I had been wanting to start a business for a long time; I did little things here and there, but getting an actual functioning and sustainable initiative off the ground seemed impossible. June Morrow’s program changed all of that.

The combination of videos, individual work, group collaboration and accountability, and coaching calls in June’s program helped me to understand the foundations in a clear and accessible way. More importantly, June guided me to understand I wasn’t just selling a service, I was answering a profound call about what I was put on this earth to do. This powerful realization brought my perspective, approach, intention and motivation into alignment.

Then the magic started! The Monday after our last coaching call, I sold my first course! I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend June!  

Ayesha Adhami-Magueta


Empowered Expression Coach

Stop marketing. Start building relationships.

Hi. I’m June Morrow.

I help emerging coaches, healers, and transformational consultants find their authentic voice and express that in communications, messaging, and marketing that inspires their ideal audiences to connect with them.

For me, marketing is about more than enticing someone to buy your service. It’s about building a compassionate relationship with another human being.

It’s about helping people feel safe, seen, and not alone in whatever problem they are struggling with. Above all, it’s about helping people see that there is hope.

I spent over 20 years working as a journalist, copywriter, video producer, engagement specialist, and trainer.

I also spent five years as a coach. During this time, I created over 1,000 pieces of social media content, developed multiple web pages, produced dozens of videos, and sent hundreds of emails.

At one point, a reader randomly sent me $250 to thank me for inspiring her with my content. That’s when I realized I could help other businesses with theirs.

I believe that the best content not only inspires your audience – it inspires you to be your best.

What's Inside the Authentic Messaging Academy

Differentiate between ego-driven and authentic desires and start accessing the voice of your Authentic Self so you can stop blindly following someone else’s blueprint and build a business that feels like you.

Discover and articulate what matters most to you, your personal purpose, your brand archetype, and the change you want to see in the world to stay motivated, on course, and in flow.

Claim your authority, bask in your innate strengths, and grasp the value of your zone of genius to others so you can ditch comparisons, drop imposter syndrome, stop thinking you need more qualifications (enough already!) and show up as the expert you already are.  You are enough. Seriously! You are.

Stop hiding and let your light shine so you can be a beacon for those seeking your gifts and serve in the way your soul intended. Befriend your inner critics to get them working with, not against you. Get a 5-step process you can rely on any time you feel stuck.

Expand your way of thinking about who you serve to get clear on your ideal audience and start building one-on-one relationships to better understand how they see you and where they most need your help.  

Get all the copy you’ll ever need to connect with your soul client in a language that speaks to their hearts, learn how to describe your services (even when they are unstructured), and write a web page that reflects your worth.

What makes you different from others in your field? How do you say what you do? Connect with your superpower, discover what sets you apart, and articulate what you do in a way that compels without sounding canned.  

You don’t need to manipulate, push or pedal fear to sell your services.  Discover compassion-based communications, an ethical, heart-centered approach to the connection that allows you to earn people’s trust from a place of completeness and service rather than need or greed.       

Find clients by doing the things you love! Dive into your soul client’s journey in their search for a solution. Then, create an aligned system to expand your community, meet more people, and draw that person to you at exactly the right time.

Stop biting off more than you can chew, committing to unrealistic timelines, getting distracted, and giving into shiny object syndrome with proactive strategies to help you stick with your vision and enjoy the journey along the way.

Never be stuck for ideas or wondering should I share this again.

Discover an easy system to create original content that connects without sounding desperate, promotes without sounding arrogant, serves without overwhelming, and helps your soul client identify the need for your help without manipulation.   

Understand the dance between inspiration and strategy, organize your ideas so the good ones don’t get away, clear your anxieties around content creation, and write like a pro (who happens to sound just like you!).

Grow your audience with the help of others. Tap into your current network to gain more referrals, connect with collaborators through networking, and broadcast your message by getting on podcasts. This module will show you how.

How The Authentic Messaging Academy Works

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We meet every Saturday morning for a live three-hour interactive online training and coaching session. 

During this time, I’ll lead you through the week’s module and you will have opportunities to get started with that week’s activities and assignments.  

The last hour of this session will be reserved for on-the-spot coaching to assist with any challenges you may be having with your marketing, messaging, and communications (whether related to that week’s module or not). 

All participants will receive access to all recordings as well as all supplementary materials such as email cheat sheets, video sample scripts, webinar templates, and more.

Is The Authentic Messaging Academy Right for You?

Yes if...

No if...

Stop wondering “Should I post this?”
and start confidently creating content that connects.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can be at the start of your business or several years in. The only requirement is that you have some sort of established program or service that you are already selling (for example, a package of sessions or a program). You do not need to have a predefined niche.

Yes! I have purposefully broken this program up into digestible chunks for people who don’t have a lot of time. If you have three hours to dedicate to your business each week, this program will be manageable for you.

Enrollment is for six months. Although you will receive access to the modules weekly, as they are meant to be accessed in an order that builds on the foundations, you can work through the modules at your own pace at any time in the six-month period. 

The Authentic Messaging Academy is $2,499 if paid in full or $365/month for seven months with a payment plan.

Yes. If after the first 14 days you find that this program is not what you expected, I will refund your payment in full.

Sarah Green circular

I was spinning my wheels, not knowing where to start with a lot to say and no idea how to say it, where to say it or who to say it to. It was frustrating!

June took my brain dump of ideas and information and structured it in a way that actually made sense. Not only that, she made me feel what I was doing was legit, important and useful. She gave me confidence as well as clarity.

I’ve since gone from zero clients to 13 and counting! I highly recommend her for any entrepreneur looking for more clarity, direction and support in their communications.

Apply for
The Authentic Messaging Academy

$2,499 paid in full or $365/month (for 7 months)

Get the directions to build heart-centred connections.

You don’t need to be pushy or aggressive to sell your services.

You don’t need to be constantly on social media to sell your services.

You don’t need a perfect website, brand, or backend system to sell your services.

You are already good enough exactly as you are. 
And you have everything you need to take the next step. 

Clear, Consistent, Compassionate Communication Connects

Expand your audience and connect with more of the right people for your business in a way that feels aligned with who you are.

Cultivate a deeper understanding of the audience you are called to help so you can serve at a deeper level.

Create content that inspires future clients and motivates them to take the next step with you.

Stop changing directions based on what’s trendy or what some guru says and become more focused, consistent and effective.

Breakthrough internal barriers holding you back and become more of the person you were born to be.            

Attract your ideal clients in a way that sounds like you.

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