The Get Unstuck Mini Course

The Get Unstuck Mini-Course

Three weeks to blast through subconscious roadblocks and let go of what’s holding you back:

  • Illuminate your fears and cut the chord on old stories that no longer serve you.
  • Recognize inner resistance and what to do when it shows up.
  • Overthrow your inner critic’s dictatorship on your mind and put an end to self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Slay your yah buts, let go of fear and leverage your past to create the future you want.
  • Get out of analysis paralysis and into action to step boldly into the next phase of your life.

Eradicates self-doubt with resounding effects

My brain is buzzing with all that June said.  It’s like she took my passions and helped me structure them. She eradicates self-doubt with resounding effects!

Ani Azim
artist, healer, advocate for women

This course is right for you if:

  • You don’t like where you are now but don’t know what to do next
  • You feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere
  • You are tired of seeing others get ahead while you stay stuck
  • You are ready to increase your level of self-awareness, look at your patterns, let go of blame and claim responsibility for your life
  • You are motivated and ready to move forward in your life

This course is not right for you if:

  • You enjoy playing the victim, aren’t ready to let go of blame, or get a perverse thrill out of staying miserable
  • You are unable or unwilling to look inward at yourself
  • You don't have three hours per week to dedicate to changing your life

Practical, easy to implement…

June is a natural at guiding people to practical, easy to implement solutions that over time make a big difference.

Her advice has been invaluable to me.

Annette Bourdeau
managing editor and writer

What's included: 

Each week, you’ll receive a 45-minute video explaining the concepts and worksheets to put what you’re learning into practice.

Week 1: Learn about the different types of mindsets and discover why some people sail through life with multiple opportunities while others seem to keep spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

Week 2: Become aware of the recurring thoughts and patterns of thinking that have been holding you back and learn new ways of dealing with them.

Week 3: Get a new template replacing your self-imposed limitations with perspectives that free you and spur you into action.

As an added bonus all registrants are eligible for a half-price 60-minute clarity call with June Morrow (US$48.50/ regular price US$99).

Find the answers…

June asks the right questions to help you to find the answers you seek.

Nandini Gopal
mommy blogger

Beta Course launches July 1, 2019

Price: Early bird (register by May 31, 2019) US$67, regular price US$99

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