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The #1 Secret to Compelling Writing

Dear name,

I am writing to inform you that I’m going to be giving a workshop on…


No, I’m not giving a workshop on blech – that introductory sentence is blech. 

Why? The entire first part of it is redundant.

Why not just say I’m giving a workshop and save your readers from tripping over the other 11 words?

The secret to compelling writing isn’t writing – it’s editing.

The next time you write a post, email, or web page, review every sentence and phrase and ask yourself:

  1. Does my reader need to know this?
  2. Can I say this in fewer words?
  3. Could I use a better verb? 

Here’s a pro tip:

Search for any verbs ending in ing. If any version of to be, to do, or to have precedes that verb, you can likely tighten things up.

For example:

I am going to be giving becomes I am giving.

I have been sharing becomes I shared.

If you want to be buying becomes If you want to buy.

The magic of masterful writing is in what you put in but what you leave out.

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