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The truth about six-figure launches

You love teaching. You love the comradery of a group. And hell, you’d really love to scale your income. 

What better way than with a group program?

After all, you’ve done free challenges with hundreds of people participating, many of whom signed up for the person’s offer. 

You may have even looked at the math thought, “Holy crap! This person is rolling in the dough!”

Before you dive in headfirst, slow your roll, sister.

Here’s what many of those gurus promising you six-figure incomes from an online program aren’t telling you.

Coaches who bring in $100K+ from group programs, typically have three things going for them:

  1. Detailed knowledge of their ideal client’s pain points
  2. Finely tuned messaging based on that knowledge
  3. A list of over 2,500 pre-qualified people

Most of them also spend four or five figures on social media ads to promote their challenges and grow that list (which works because they know their ideal clients’ pain points inside and out.)

In your first few years as a coach or transformational consultant, you likely don’t have these things and that’s okay.

Do your program anyway!

Launch it as an exclusive small group experience or a beta at a lower cost than you would normally charge. Look at it as market research for your next launch.

Working with an intimate group gives you valuable insights and intelligence.

My first program had just three participants. Doing it helped me clarify who I serve and what I help them with, and taught me how to do a launch, which made the next one waaaay easier.

You might not have a massive mailing list or the money to pay ads (and nor should you until you master organic messaging) but you can go deep on your target market and refine your messaging now.

If you need help in this area, reach out for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to start building the foundation you need before you grow your list.

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