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Thinking of quitting? Start here.

Things didn’t go as planned and now you’re considering retreating to your comfort zone.

You know? That place where you aren’t trying to grow your audience, meet sales quotas, hire help, and do a million other things you’ve never done before?

Perhaps you’re fantasizing about returning to the corporate world: that magical place where there’s never any self-doubt or feelings of incompetence – just the soul-sucking boredom of spending day after day building someone else’s dream.

I get it. 

Yesterday, I flirted with the idea of disabling my social media accounts, moving to a small town in Nova Scotia, and getting a job at Tim Hortons (where I meet a local rancher named Zak who says I’m all the sweetener he needs… but I digress.)

Wanting to quit doesn’t mean your dream of self-employment isn’t for you.

It means you’re human.

It’s normal when things are tough to want to quit. You lump the situation with the unpleasant emotion and think if you just toss the whole thing, you’ll never have to deal with it again.

But you will because:

The things we avoid, return until we address them.

That’s because the problem making you want to quit isn’t the dream or the tactic or the thing you think you are struggling with.

It’s the story you are telling yourself about it and the story you are telling yourself about who you are. 

So, if you’re going to quit start there.

Let go of the thoughts that are holding you back.  

Examine the words you’re saying to yourself, ask yourself what else might be true, and stay open to other possibilities.

When you do, you may find a way to your dreams after all.

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