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What are you waiting for?

I was secretly disappointed.  

In August, I’d given a speech with 10 other people at an inspirational speaking night in Toronto.

The organizers video-taped the talks, shared them with online distribution companies, several of the speeches had gone viral.

But not mine.

I felt like a kid whose parents had just given all her friends a cookie and then turned around and said, “None for you.”   

I contacted the organizers to see if they’d submitted my video. They had. “Not all videos get picked up,” they said, “And those that do, sometimes take a while.”

Part of me wondered the talk was too adult. (I’d spoken about how I’d gone from being a stripper to journalist by continually doing what I loved.) Another part wondered if I simply wasn’t good enough.

My inner critic whispered, “No one likes you.”

But I ignored her as I’ve learned to and let it go.

I stopped hoping, I stopped waiting, and, I focused on the things I could control in my business and got to work.

I got clearer on who I serve and what I help them with. I updated my website and my Facebook group. I stopped comparing myself to my friends and stayed in my lane.

Then, in March – nine months after giving the speech – Inner Light Media released an edited version of it.

In two weeks, it received over 180,000 views.

It was a strange victory. Although I was delighted that my message was being seen by so many people, I had few expectations beyond that.

I had detached myself from whatever need, nine months earlier, I had thought this event would fulfill.

And so, the timing was perfect.

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos or linear time and kairos for divine timing.

Your job is not to control the outcome of your efforts.  Your job is to take steps in the direction of your dreams and then, once you’ve taken all the steps you can, trust.

Patience is faith in action.

If you’re waiting for something, it might be that God, the Universe, Source (whatever you call it) is also waiting for you.

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