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Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s normal

A mantra for anxious times: I am always safe and Divinely protected.

Wednesday, I woke up panicked about a mildly sore throat.

Thursday, I woke up elated about the potential this time represents.

Friday, I woke up anxious and physically off.

Saturday, I woke up peaceful… until I opened my social media.  

Today, I woke up motivated and ready to serve.    

Sound familiar?

I’ll be honest, as an entrepreneur and woman going through perimenopause, this is pretty much my life every week 😉, but the anxiety in the air surrounding COVID-19 isn’t helping.

In a way, we are all going through a life change together as our collective and personal sense of order is disrupted.

If you, like me, are experiencing a roller coast of emotions right now, know this: it’s normal.

Some of you may be pissed off or annoyed.

Some of you may be scared.

Some of you may think this is the best time ever and worry about being “inappropriately happy.”

And some of you may feel all of this in a single day!

Whatever you are feeling, it’s okay.

Now, more than ever, is a time to give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling.

Remember: feelings aren’t facts. They are just ways that our bodies process our response to the stimuli around us. And they need to move through us.

That said:

Know your triggers.

If watching the news or frantic Googling of COVID-19 generates fear in you (as it does with me), limit your exposure.

If connecting with people through video calls or the phone calms you down (as it does with me), do more of it.

If you just want to be alone and work on your art right now or dream or sleep or binge on Netflix (as I did Friday), do it.

A lot is coming up for each of us.

Give yourself the time, space and self-compassion to process it.

And give others the compassion to allow them to have their own emotions, even if they differ from yours.  

A mantra I’ve used since my early 20s is “I am always safe and Divinely protected.”

Use this if it helps.

You got this.


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