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June Morrow peach dress circular

What’s emerging in you?

Today on my daily walk, I noticed the bud pictured above waiting for a silent signal to bloom.

I don’t know this plant. I don’t know what it will look like in the next few weeks. But I do know this.

When it blooms, it will look more spectacular than it does right now.

I also know this.

That beauty already exists – whether it’s taken physical form yet or not.

The DNA to blossom is within it now and has been all winter.

Like this flower, we all have something brilliant within us.

Sometimes it’s dormant. Sometimes it’s developing. Sometimes it’s clearly on display.

In each stage, however, the idea of the fully emerged you – the one that is blossomed, brilliant, and breathtaking – already exists.

And sometimes to bring that idea into physical form, all you need is to allow yourself to be what you have always been and let Nature take Her course.

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