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Doubt can be a sign you’re on the right track

You’ve decided to finally do that thing you’ve been thinking about – open a new business, change careers, take a long-coveted course.

You’re excited. You’re committed. You’re ready.

But then, just as you are about to take that first major step – start accepting clients, stop entertaining offers in your previous field, make the payment – the self-doubt hits.

“What if this isn’t what I really want? Maybe I’m supposed to do something else? Hey, what’s that idea over there?” 

Your ego is never stronger than when you are about to make a breakthrough.

This is because it wants you to stay in your comfort zone.

The ego likes to live in a place where it knows the lay of the land – regardless of if that land is a happy place or one fraught with dissatisfaction and indecision.

This is why the moment you are about to act, you doubt yourself.

Like a shy four-year old starting school for the first time, your ego doesn’t know what’s going to happen when you let go of its hand so it does everything it can to keep you holding on. 

The stronger the pushback, the more it means you are on the cusp of a major change.

What if you took self doubt not as a sign that you might be on the wrong track but as a sign that you are on the right track?

There’s a saying in personal growth fields: “New level. New devil.” This means that when you get to the next level of your life, you will continue to have challenges.

A better way to address this is “The devil precedes the level.”

Looked at this way, self-doubt is simply another sign that if you push through it, you will succeed.

Of course, you’ll never know for certain, until you try.

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